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  • Universal catalytic converter FI 45 1.2-2.5L EURO 2

The Symbol : PP-KT-073
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Universal catalyst made of stainless steel with a metal insert dedicated to cars with a capacity of 1200-2500cm3

We can choose from several cell density options in the catalyst. The 400CPSi catalysts are usually used for serial production cars in gasoline engines and in 200CPSi diesel engines.

CPSi - cell per square inch (cell density in the catalyst).

We offer available catalysts with ceramic and metal inserts. The basic difference between metal and ceramic inserts is the shock resistance - the ceramic catalyst can crumble when directly impacted the catalyst can against the stone, while the metal should withstand. The second significant difference is the resistance to temperature shock - ceramics withstands temperatures up to 850oC and metal 1300oC. The last difference is the price - metal is usually more expensive.


  • Diameter: 45mm
  • Length: 385mm
  • Width: 170mm
  •  Height: 83mm
Check what standard you need the catalyst in the table below: 

Emission standard

Date of introduction
EURO 1 07/1992
EURO 2 01/1996
EURO 3 01/2000
EURO 4 09/2005
EURO 5 2009-2014
EURO 1 07/1992
EURO 2 01/1996
EURO 3 01/2000
EURO 4 01/2005
EURO 5 2009-2014